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Treatment with homeopathy


Homeopathic treatment is holistic. We take all aspects of you into account, your mental and emotional state, as well as your physical symptoms and aim to treat the underlying disequilibrium in you. For this reason, first consultations take approximately one hour, and follow-up sessions last half an hour. We ask Online patients to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire, which helps us to choose the right remedies for your individual constitution. See Consultation for more details.

Homepathic remediesHomepathic remedies

Homeopathy is the gentlest form of medicine, it is 100% natural. Treatment takes place over a period of time. In acute cases it can act rapidly; in chronic conditions you can calculate about one month of treatment for every year you had the disease, to heal it completely.

Even so, you should experience immediate relief when starting the treatment. Homeopathic remedies stimulate your own healing powers and strengthen your immune system to create good health. When your vital energy is strong, you are less susceptible to falling ill.

Fuji CherryFuji Cherry - tranquility

In the course of your homeopathic therapy, depending on the level you want to take it to, you could gain an insight as to why you are having a particular problem, and what needs to happen to stop it from re-occurring. This may point you towards deeper personal realisations.

As things shift inside you, this could lead to a natural change in your outlook, attitude or life-style, which ultimately you will find highly rewarding and empowering.

Homeopathic treatment is a healing journey that brings you back towards your true self, your core nature, and your soul purpose - enjoy it!

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Flower essences

NasturtiumNasturtium - knowing one needs to make changes but being unable to make the first move

Flower essences balance mental, emotional and many physical problems. Their medicinal history spans centuries. Like natural guiding lights along our journey through life, they assist us through all the different stages. They help us to find our inner wisdom and intuition.

The healing power of flower essences frees energy blockages, and acts as a catalyst for inner change and transformation. They bring clarity to our lives, but also the courage, strength and commitment to pursue our goals and follow our dreams.

LilacLilac - stunted development due to dominant influences

Flower essences are subtle energy medicines that affect us as a whole - mind, body and soul.

energy-for-health - we treat every patient individually and tailor remedies for your constitution. Visit in person or consult online. Click on Consult Now or on Consultation for more information. Tel: +44 (0)20 7351 4344; or email:

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How to take homeopathic remedies

Shake the remedy from the bottle into the lidShake the remedy from the bottle into the lid

Shake the remedy from the bottle into the lid. Place it under the tongue. Make sure your mouth is clean. Do NOT swallow it. Leave it in your mouth for two minutes then swallow. Don't eat, drink, smoke or brush your teeth for five minutes before or after taking the remedies. Avoid coffee, camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and other strong smelling substances as these can interfere with your remedies.

Only one remedy should be given at a time, and only a limited number of doses, enough to bring about relief, then stop taking the remedy only repeat when symptoms return. The doses must be adequately spaced, the frequency of successive doses being in direct relation to the urgency of the situation.

Touch the remedies as little as possible. You can touch your remedy (and your child's if necessary), not anyone else's, which could render it ineffective. If the remedy has come into contact with another substance or has spilt on the floor it may not work any more.

Tell children NOT to eat, suck, swallow or do anything to it. It may not work but it is worth a try, as is deliberate distraction immediately on giving it.

DON'T drink coffee, use peppermint, camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, at the same time as taking homeopathy. Ideally avoid these things for months after.

Dropper bottleDropper bottle

For babies and animals, crush the pill between two spoons and put the powder in the mouth, or dilute the pill in a dropper bottle and squirt the liquid into the mouth.

A very effective way of taking the remedies is in water. Get a 30 ml dropper bottle (Neal's Yard) and place about 3 pellets inside, fill it up with bottled spring water, add some brandy to preserve and take about 5 drops three times a day in half a glass of water. But the trick is to bang it first five times. Potentise it this way every time you take the remedy. It is also useful to get more mileage out of the tablets.

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How to take Flower essences

Put seven drops in half a glass of water and swallow, make sure your mouth is clean and don't eat or drink five minutes before or after. Take seven drops in the morning and seven drops in the evening unless indicated differently. Reduce the dose if necessary if you feel discomfort, or if your symptoms return after going away, in emergency situations you can take an extra dose.

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