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Travel can be fraught with health hazards. Even the most minor of which can seriously hamper your enjoyment of a trip, whether it is a case of 'Delhi-belly' after over-indulgence in the local cuisine, low energy due to jetlag or severe sunburn.

In order to get the most out of your holiday we recommend you prepare yourself beforehand according to where you are going, when and how. Take a number of homeopathic remedies with you: essential oils, ECHINACEA, Hyper/Cal tincture as well as Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, band aid and other First Aid medication you may need. Don't entirely rely on local help.

Taj Mahal at sunset

Read energy-for-health travel and First Aid carefully before setting out, to help you decide which natural medicine to take on your journey. You may want to print these sections out or buy a First Aid and travel health book to take along. If you have access to the internet you can check into energy-for-health travel and First Aid from wherever you are in the world and get the advice you are looking for.

Don't forget, prevention is the best cure.

Have a wonderful journey!

Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning is normally the No 1 travel problem. Symptoms include diarrhoea, vomiting & feeling sick, queasy, not hungry after some questionable food, 'Delhi-Belly', Kathmandu or Lima restaurant-it is, and so on.

Prevention is best. Eat a small piece of ginger, and swallow seven BLACK PEPPERCORNS daily, while travelling in exotic countries. This promotes the digestive fire. Also eat a lot of LIVE YOGHURT or take ACIDOPHILUS CAPSULES, see our section water purification. Take ECCHINACEA daily to boost your immune system.

Protection. If a friend has a bug or illness, study it well. Cure him or her, and when you know what works take it yourself for protection, just in case. Or vice-versa if you are ill, protect the others.

ARSENICUM ALBUM cures 90% of food or water poisoning, especially if taken quickly. One traveller describes it thus. "I used it every time I felt the least queasy, and stayed well throughout the whole trip. My companions who didn't suffered a lot." ARSENICUM ALBUM may not work so well if you wait till the upset is well established.

Rehydration (restoring lost water) is very important after any water-loss illness, sunstroke or an alcoholic binge. Drink! If it is serious you can use a special liquid. You can buy sachets from the chemist for this. To make it yourself, add 16 teaspoons of sugar or honey, 1/2-teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda to 2 litres of water. Sip it little and often.

Food poisoning

Arsenicum Album
Emaciation, tremendous anxiety, "Am I going to die?" Keynotes cholera worse 1 to 3 am, better from heat, restless, thirst for little and often - sips.

If ARSENICUM ALBUM fails and there is vomiting and diarrhoea then try VERATRUM ALBUM. Or if it is more extreme than above, with simultaneous vomiting, diarrhoea, and extreme chilliness, perhaps rigours (violent trembling chill) use VERATRUM ALBUM. If it's heading for Dysentery and Cholera type symptoms then see which of these fits best.

Veratrum Album
Profuse +++, rice water stools, vomiting +++ sweat on forehead, Keynote feeling cold+++, cold sweat on forehead, formication (crawling like ants) in toes and calves. Fingers, finger tips, pale face, sunken eyes, weakness, feeble pulse, thirst +++, No 1 in cholera.
Cuprum Met
Cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea, tummy colic. Keynotes spasms and cramps. Better drinking cold water, periodic, as if cold water poured over head, worse loss of sleep.
Quinine (cinchona officinalis)
Image © Raintree Nutrition, Inc. All rights reserved.
Shocked state, sudden chill, Shivers +++, feeble pulse. Keynotes: everything is cold, body, nostrils, mouth, air breathed in, cannot bear blankets, thirst unquenchable.
Distension of tummy with wind, which doesn't help, exhaustion from diarrhoea, bleeding, intermittent fever.
Phosphoric Acid
Whitish diarrhoea, involuntary stool intestinal bleeding, lack of pain, sweat ++, thirst ++.
Carbo VegCarbo Veg
Diarrhoea mixed with gas, spluttering stool, explosive, maybe, with cramps, worse 5 am.
Natrum Sulph
Rumbling, gurgling in bowels then sudden noisy spluttering diarrhoea.
Carbo Veg
Cold clammy collapsed, tremendous gas, bloated.
Sudden urging at 5am, diarrhoea in mucus like jelly lumps, rumbling gurgling then hurried gushing watery stool.
Tremendous violent cutting, griping, grasping, clutching, colicky pains in waves, must double up; frothy, watery, shreddy, yellow stool.
Merc Cor
"Never get done" feeling, stools bloody, shreddy, slimy, hot with tormenting continuous urging.

If two remedies seem to fit and it is severe, alternate them, leaving a gap in between. When it's almost over and the person is wiped out, devitalised, weak and run down, CHINA or CARBO VEG will act as a rapid recovery agent. Also see rehydration!

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Common travel ailments

Altitude Sickness
This is a serious complaint, the one cure is prevention. Go up SLOWLY, the impatient, competitive ones who race up who are most susceptible. The symptoms are dizziness, difficult breathing, and exhaustion. Remedies are COCA, an alkaloid of cocaine, which could be re-labelled as 'height sickness pills', or something similar, to avoid difficulties with officials and/or imprisonment. Have COCA available. If COCA fails use ARSENICUM ALBUM.
BRYONIA worse for any motion is the main remedy.
Abscesses, boils
HEPAR SULPH, very sensitive to touch, will hasten suppuration. SILICA will complete the expulsion. Repeated boils SULPHUR. If its red and painful, BELLADONNA.
Allergic reaction
like great swelling from something eaten or bitten, see snake bites.
Animal bites
see Rabies, stings, snake bits.
panic attacks, high energy, ACONITE high dose even if you have to take 1 dose every ½ hour.
PHOS, KALI CARB, BRY are worth considering.
rapidly IPECAC.
see Frostbite.
Claustrophobic feeling on planes
ARG NIT before and during flying Constipation of travellers, NUX VOM, NAT MUR, OPIUM.
SARSPARILLA No l, pain at end of urination, CANTHARIS burning, urging feeling with each drop, brief relief from urinating, MERC COR bloody urine, urging not relieved by peeing, PHOS painless with bleeding, STAPHISAGRIA pain from suppressed anger, NUX VOM painful ineffectual urging, CAUSTICUM from excessive stimulation, BELLIS PERRENIS.
see collapse.
nervous, lack of sleep KALI PHOS.
Eye inflammation, ailments with -itis
use EUPHRASIA internally and COLD TEA eye wash, or EUPHRASIA tincture drops in water if you have it. Same for sun glare effects, snow blind.
Anxiety panic attacks, high energy, ARG NIT or ACONITE high dose, even if you have to take 1 dose every ½ hour. 30c doesn't work as well. KALI PHOS nervous exhaustion, lack of sleep COCCULUS loosing sleep, shifting time zones. Drink a lot of water during the flight, no alcohol. Eat vegetarian meals, get your body rhythm in synch and adjust to the local time by going to sleep when dark and being up when light, Australian Bush Flower TRAVEL ESSENCE.
Frostbite & chilblains
Freaking out when not from drugs, IGNATIA.
Immune system boost
Take ECCHINACEA daily + multi vitamin.
Something wrong, mild, feverish, teething, a cold, ACONITE, BELLADONNA or CHAMOMILLA.
Drink a lot of water during the flight, no alcohol. Eat vegetarian meals, get your body rhythm in synch and adjust to the local time by going to sleep when dark and being up when light. ARNICA 200 or 1M before, during and after the flight; it shortens the recovery period. COCCULUS for losing sleep, shifting time zones. ACONITE high dose 200 and up for a lot of anxiety, panic attack, high energy, even if you have to take 1 dose every ½ hour. 30 c doesn't work as well. KALI PHOS nervous exhaustion, lack of sleep.
isn't possible with homeopathy. Your child can eat the whole kit at once to no ill effect.
Paralysis of face
ACONITE immediately if from severe chill, No l is CAUST, from wind and cold.
Clean the wound. LYSSIN and HYPERICUM and LEDUM twice, daily. Get advice.
see Emotions.
from standing on spiny fish, wood, thorns, etc. SILICA will eject. If in the soles you have to lie down to let them out.
Stomach cramps
COLOCYNTHUS terrible twisting colic, NUX VOM, can be very irritable.
BELLADONNA, if severe GLONOIN, very severe pounding sunburn. See burns.
Tired muscles and feet
Toothache If abscesses HEPAR SULPH first. Consider SILICA and MERC later.
Teething CHAMOMILLA 30 or 200 as needed. Severe pain that drive you mad CHAM.
Very sensitive to pain STAPH, also BELL, BRY, LACH.
After tooth extraction to cure the pain STAPH, CHAM Painful wisdom teeth CHAM.
Tooth abscess HEPAR SULPH can work wonders. Can alternate with SILILCA.
Travel sickness
COCCULUS, TABACCUM, PETROLEUM take before and during. GINGER tincture 5-10 drops in 1 teaspoon of water or chew on a piece of GINGER ROOT.

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Snake and poisonous bites, sudden allergic swelling, etc

Bites and stings: prevention is better than cure. Treat immediately! If you don't want a tropical disease, make sure you don't get bitten.

Take a vitamin B complex one month in advance. Make sure your blood is not too sweet. Don't wear a lot of perfume, add CITRONELLA essential oil to your lotion and burn to repel insects, eat garlic.

STAPHISAGRIA repels flies and mosquitoes, if constitutionally STAPH (people who get angry, frustrated with flies around.)


PYRETHRUM - CALENDULA spray on bites and stings. Puncture wounds, LEDUM if bitten take straight away - low potency is a regular prevention. Sometimes conditions are severe, as on remote beaches in Brazil, where even chemical repellents don't work. Make sure you have plenty of mosquito netting to put on doors, windows and beds.

Snake and poisonous bites


LEDUM, APIS, CANTHARIS. First take ACONITE for any panic. Severe bites from venomous snakes, spiders, fish, insects, hornets, scorpions, etc, are to be avoided. Seek urgent help. Sucking the venom out isn't likely to be effective. Rubber band tourniquets above and below may help.

If you are travelling up the Amazon, deep into Africa, or bitten out at sea, miles away from anywhere, this procedure should work: kill the creature or another of the same kind. Capture some of the venom after killing it, or from the wound. Dissolve it into water. If the creature is very small, use it all, crush it. Potentise it to 12, and take one or two drops often. As quantities run down, potentise again to 13, etc, keep taking. (See Remedy Duplication)

To potentise quickly shake violently by banging the bottle or container on a firm but not hard surface, e.g. a book. Tip it all out bar a few drops, refill and repeat 12 times, shaking and diluting. If it is working, but not enough, go up to a 30 potency. This will work with any venom, spider, insect, etc. In severe, dangerous conditions it will work with a secretion of the patient's own disease product, e.g. sputum, blood, stool etc.

In an allergic response to food, a bite or a sting, do the same. Put the offending thing in a bottle or glass and potentise as above. A colleague tells this story: Once in a restaurant a friend started to swell alarmingly and rapidly in minutes after some sea food, which they ate by mistake, knowing the person was allergic. The homeopath put some of the food in a glass of water and shook it vigorously, covering it with his hand, tipping it out and replenishing it with more water, keeping a few drips each time and shaking again and again, repeating the process 30 times. The whole process took a few minutes. The friend took one sip to no avail but after 3 felt better, calmer and then slowly preceded to deflate. The same procedure could be used in allergic reactions to nuts.

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Fever is a healthy response and should not be quelled by Aspirin, Calpol etc. This is a big mistake. Fevers up to 104 are normally healthy responses. Bathing down can be very effective in dropping it a bit. If the head is very hot, especially with mental symptoms, delirium, brain pain, try ice wrapped in a flannel, or frozen peas, or simply a cold wet cloth applied to the back of the neck. Fevers rise in the evenings.

For fevers that last for more than 48 hours with any signs of chest weakness may be pneumonia. Get a diagnosis from a competent person who will want to give antibiotics, almost certainly.


If it's a fever where a rash is expected like in measles, or the rash is slow to develop, SULPHUR will get the rash to appear.

A high fever with cold feet is usually BELLADONNA same with delirium STRAMONIUM; same with contracted pupils OPIUM.

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Lift up chin from neck to maintain airways. Remove vomit, food, etc, from mouth. If they are not breathing give mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose (close their mouth) resuscitation 12 times a minute.

Appear to be dead

Carbo VegCarbo Veg

Give CARBO VEG frequently.

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Choking from something eaten

This can lead to rapid death if not attended to quickly. It's too late for the ambulance.

First DO NOT SLAP the person on the back, it causes the food to lodge deeper. Basically the idea is to deliver a controlled forceful upward blow to the area just below the ribs, the stomach, above the navel. To do this to another, put arms round them from rear, clench one fist grasp with other. To do this to yourself, make a fist, put on stomach as above, grasp with other hand, pull or push in and upwards forcibly and quickly.

If this doesn't work, press the part quickly over a firm surface like a chair back, table side or railing. To do this to others is easier than doing it to yourself. If they are big, lie them down and apply pressure forcibly with your fist. Get the stuff out of the mouth.

Practice this now, for children there are similar but less dramatic procedures.

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Heart failure


In case of heart failure or a blood clot, follow instructions above for collapse, and let them lie still. Keep others calm or away. Wait, sooth them, instil peace and calm, put ARNICA under the lip, or powder inside lips, encourage them to stay lying down and only to get up in their own time.

As soon as possible give KALI MUR 3-6 times to help dissolve the clot. This is often tremendously effective. A few doses are all that is needed. It often produces a miraculous recovery.

In heart failure or heart problems with a lot of heart pathology DIGITALIS is invaluable.

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Emotional upsets

Rescue Remedy

Emotional upsets on holidays are common, and here are some obvious situations.

Shock and Panic
from any cause, violence, earthquake, accident, ACONITE. Repeat if severe. BACH RESCUE REMEDY.
Seething withheld in anger
Weepy and cuddly
Great irritability
from over indulgence, hung over, NUX VOMICA.
any form of grieving couple split up, death, see IGNATIA, 6 repeat often, or 30 or 1M, if they can't cry, old grief NAT MUR.
Effects of assault
abuse, sexual or otherwise, STAPH.
Terror after violence
witnessed or done to, STRAM after ACONITE. OPIUM if not recognised, i.e. say, "I'm OK" when obviously they can't be.
Suicidal depression
Anticipation, fears and worries
(worse before the event) GELSEMIUM, ARG NIT.

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Remedy Keynotes

These are thumbnail sketches giving the barest detail of a remedy picture, the keynotes to confirm the choice of remedy. The other remedies are adequately mentioned in the text.

Arsenicum Alb
Restless, chilly, very anxious, fear they are dying, vomiting alternating diarrhoea, worse around midnight, need company, thirsty for hot sips.
Arg Nit
Impulsive robust nervous type, especially before events, hot people, extrovert, belch a lot, like sweet things a lot but disagree, diarrhoea from this and nerves, feelings of claustrophobia.
Illness from shock, earthquakes, road accidents, being bombed, bombs, panic attacks, sudden effects.
Pink puffy large swellings, watery squashy swellings, stinging pains, any bee-stings, also pleurisy and pharyngitis.
No 1 for all accidents, bruising and shocks that go with it. Sprains along with bruising.
Very depressed, hopeless, lost will to live, suicidal, guilt ridden' high goals, effects of grief, feel better from listening to serious classical music.
Throbbing headache, sun headache, high fever with cold hands and feet, delirium.
Any complaint worse least motion. Slow onset fever. Drinks a lot infrequently. Headache, pleurisy, bronchitis worse coughing, motion. Irritable and want to be left alone. Broken bone pains worse any movement. (RHUS TOX is better for movement)
Calc Carb
Lots of fears, fear heights, flying, tend to be fat, slow people who feel the cold and sweat easily.
Carbo VegCarbo Veg
Carbo Veg
Collapsed states, cold, clammy, needing to be fanned, faint, bloated from wind, from overeating.
Very strong worries for others. Tend to urinate from coughing, etc. Honeymoon cystitis. Deep burns and their effects.
Impossible to please, make you frantic, typical teething picture, very sensitive to pain.
Double up with colic, twisting severe pains.
'Eye bright'. Burning eyes, light sensitive, excessive blinking.
Typical flu symptoms. Tired, droopy eyes, aching all over, slow onset, great weakness. Also Diarrhoea, frequent urination from nerves, fright. Slightly frail people, a bit confused, can't think easily.
Pounding, surging, as if head would burst.
Injuries to nerves, especially those close to skin, fingertips, lips, tongue. Needle injuries, that damage nerves, with reactions that run up the arm (PYROGEN). Head injury. Injury to coccyx especially during delivery. Spinal injury.
No l ailments from grief. Romantic disappointments, crying with lump in throat, tend to go off fruit, later sighing attacks. Idealistic vulnerable people especially.
Bites, Stings, punctured wounds. Cold feeling and better from cold.
Excess saliva, metallic taste, indented tooth marked tongue, worse at night, offensive breath, sweaty.
Nat Mur
For people who don't cry, don't express their inner feeling, prefer mostly to be alone, put salt on food more than most, suffer headaches after upsets, never forget slights, have dryness of all orifices, hate to lie in the sun, cracked lips, and cold sores.
Nit Ac
Fears about death and ill health. Splinter like pains, very smelly urine, mouth ulcers, cracks in orifices.
Nux Vom
Chilly impulsive, very hard working, driven business types who succeed at numerous small and growing businesses, or run big ones, who can eat anything, get hangovers, but it's their digestion that cracks up.
Change the name of this remedy if you can get it. Useful whenever an obvious problem doesn't register, e.g. severe injury that's ok, inflammation that has no pain etc.
Weepy, changeable, wanting cuddles, dependent. Thick yellow pic pulsatilla discharges, thirst less often. Hot and dislikes the sun, heat. They want to be held.
High fever 106/41 and slow pulse. Septic conditions withered streaks, soreness and clear urine.
Rhus Tox
Strains, and sprains that are worse first moving, better from moving about. For ill effects of Poison Ivy.
Strains, gardeners and tillers backache.
Gangrene of extremities, fingers, etc. Skin cold to touch but averse to covers.
Indignation, feeling of assault, rape, abuse, from wounds or operations, seething anger from being in a doormat situation, under a bossy person's rule etc. Sweet nice person, rarely shows anger.
fear of being alone at night, fear of violence, or violent behaviour, nightmares are still with them when they wake up, dreams of black things, terror. After violent assault, near death situations with violence, birth trauma with terror.

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Water purification

Suspect water is a real problem. Some people use Puritabs (available in chemists) and don't mind the taste. Others drink bottled drinks, but whenever you have raw food in a café or restaurant, it has been washed in water, remember. Long-term travellers are best to slowly acclimatise themselves to local water, by drinking it as it is, being careful always about the local and immediate situation. For example, after a monsoon wells get contaminated, street vendors may have no running water, and so on.

Chelidonium tincture
One drop in water, once a day, keeps the liver in tune and prevents hepatitis / jaundice. This is a strongly recommended procedure. Potassium permanganate - 'mauve stuff' - also disinfects. It can be used in water used to wash fruit, salad etc.

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Duplication of stock

Have available some empty phials or even better, dropper bottles. Put two drops of tincture into phials of 2/3 water and shake violently by banging on hard surface for 30 hits. You now have made more for immediate use. Put a drop of this on blotting paper or on stock unmedicated tablets, or in water and shake, to make a dose for later use. Sterilise bottles by boiling, or putting them in running water such as a mountain stream overnight. Blotting paper acts as instant pills, when using liquid stock. Put them under the tongue as usual. To contain pills temporarily, it is best to use little plastic envelopes that are waterproof. Paper ones will do.

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Transporting homeopathic remedies

Try not to put homeopathic remedies through x-ray machines. X rays may reduce their effectiveness. Carry the small kit in a pocket or declare them and normally it is fine. Hand luggage is x-rayed at airports therefore carry the remedies on you. Alternatively, wrap them in tin foil for protection, this works well. The frame you walk through is a metal detector. This is does not cause problems.

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After travelling

If you get tropical diseases while travelling, visit a tropical disease hospital afterwards to see what's left over even if you don't have symptoms, and consult a homeopath about the results. Big upsets featuring bites, lethargy, runny stool and tummy upsets that remain are classic infections to investigate before taking drugs. Chronic, long lasting complaints from travelling diseases need proper homeopathic treatment.

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Travel vaccinations

Contrary to popular belief, you are not required to have vaccinations and certificates for virtually every country. Most countries have signed a World Health Organisation (WHO) accord to this effect. Travel agents, brochures, etc, only tell you what is advised. To get better information ask the relevant embassy, or your GP, who will have a list of vaccination requirements.

It is basically assumed here that you have some reasons for wishing to avoid conventional vaccinations and immunisations, so that all the arguments against vaccination are not being presented here in depth, backed up by facts.

Vaccinations and immunisations are an attempt to introduce into the body ready-built defences against likely diseases you can meet overseas, either by introducing organisms directly into the body or blood, or by giving attenuated disease products to create a disease response in a low level way, that develops antibodies that stay around.

These practices have been, and still are, severely criticised by holistic medical practitioners and thinkers, whether doctors or practitioners, throughout their long history. They violate the basic functioning of the body, damage natural immunity ability, are often of dubious efficacy, and have long-term consequences for ill health in the vaccinated person. For example they sow the seeds of other diseases, as well as causing more immediate side effects. Many people are and have suffered these effects, perhaps everyone vaccinated.

Homoeopathic immunity is achieved in two ways.

One is by using the conventional homeopathic approach to diseases as if they had occurred. We use the homoeopathically indicated remedy for the symptom picture that is known to arise at the time, which is to use the remedy that is known to mimic the particular disease in homeopathic trials, called provings, done on healthy people. This remedy will cure the disease in infected people, according to the well established fundamental Homoeopathic principle 'like cures like'.

The other approach is to use homoeopathic preparations of specific diseases, or products of them, called 'nosodes' to similarly boost the defences temporarily ahead of time, rather like vaccinations but without brutalising the immune system.

This then offers a dual approach, belt and braces, both acting in a preventive way.

Homeopathic vaccines

You can then take homeopathic versions of the illnesses you would be vaccinated against such as cholera, malaria, polio, tetanus, hepatitis, and so on. And you should take a dose of each of these nosodes as they are called, as follows:

  • Once weekly for the first four weeks.
  • Fortnightly for next four weeks. Monthly thereafter during travelling.
  • Weekly when in an infected area. These can be obtained in combinations to make taking them easy (but not so flexible).

These do not guarantee you will not get the disease, but raise immunity, reduce severity of disease caught, and are protective. Use 30 potency or any other. Ask the homeopathic chemist for the ones you want e.g. Malaria Nosode 30, Polio Nosode C 30, and so on.

Remedies that mimic the typical disease picture and act to protect and cure are:

ARSENICUM ALB, see Food poisoning and water purification.
use CHELIDONIUM, see water purification.
Quinine (cinchona officinalis)
Image © Raintree Nutrition, Inc. All rights reserved.
if it is around, take CHINA or NATRUM MUR twice a day. CHINA is made from Quinine. Do not take it for months before or after your return, as with quinine. Start just before travelling. Quinine itself as given for travellers and can bring on many side effects including weird mental states and schizophrenia.
if it is close by, take LATHYRUS 30 weekly, otherwise monthly.
take LYSSIN.
use LEDUM and HYPERICUM in alternation for a few days after any nasty injury.
Yellow fever
ARSENICUM ALB 30 when at risk, weekly.

These can be supplemented by conventional homeopathy if the disease actually arises. Then you may need remedies indicated by your unique response to a disease, since illness goes through stages. And while strong diseases that are 'caught' tend to have the same hallmarks in everyone, individuals do also respond differently.

Keep a list of your prescriptions and results:

Date Remedy Potency Repeats Reason Results

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How to take homeopathic remedies

See Treatments

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How to take Flower essences

See Treatments

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Knowing the remedy has worked

First Aid

  • The patient may say within minutes or even in seconds as the remedy touches there lips' "I feel better", this is a sure sign, wait and see.
  • Going into a good sleep is a good sign.
  • Feeling their old self again is an excellent sign.
  • A short worsening followed by a definite improvement is a good sign in serious illness. In a serious acute illness this return of old symptoms won't happen.
  • Return of appetite is a good sign. (Sick people should drink but NOT eat, and don't encourage it until recovery is established, it will otherwise delay cure). Allow fruit if hungry.
  • Symptoms shifting from vital internal sites to more external ones is good too, and from fears and shock to weeping and anger likewise.
  • TLC or tender loving care is ALWAYS helpful.

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Repetition of remedy

In First Aid only

  • With dramatic acute symptoms you can repeat very frequently, even after 5 minutes. The best guide-line is, after giving a remedy, it works and when the effects return, then repeat. Put simply, repeat as the symptoms return.
  • With less severe symptoms repeat 4 hourly as a guide.
  • Give one pill at a time, more is unnecessary.
  • If a remedy works dramatically don't repeat. Wait for the symptoms to return.
  • In the beginning repeat frequently until it starts to work.
  • If a new set of symptoms occur and these are not the same as the last remedy picture then you need to change the remedy.
  • After an acute a few excess doses don't matter. And to stop too soon may allow a relapse.
  • Another fault is to forget what worked before so keep a list of your prescriptions and results.

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