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Homeopathic remedy kits are ideal for newcomers as well as experienced users of homeopathy. The compact and versatile kits contain a wide range of remedies.

With the Basic Kit you can treat the key common ailments and First Aid situations.

Made from polypropylene, the remedy kits are practical, sturdy and resistant, ensuring the safety of the remedies while travelling and at home. The remedies are contained in 2mg glass bottles, holding approximately 35 doses, in sucrose pillule form. You can easily get refill supplies either through us or Helios mail order. Each kit comes with its own comprehensive self-prescription guide to help you in your selection of the most appropriate remedy. Kit size: 14cm x 10,5 cm x 4 cm.

Helios Basic Remedy Kit

Helios Basic Remedy Kit

Contains 18 remedies covering the most common ailments and injuries.

£24 (including a 10% discount) postage & packaging is extra

Aconite 30 Hypericum 30
Apis 30 Ignatia 30
Arnica 30 Ledum 30
Arsenicum 30 Mercurius 30
Belladonna 30 Nux Vom 30
Bryonia 30 Pulsatilla 30
Cantharis 30 Rhus Tox 30
Chamomilla 30 Ruta 30
Gelsemium 30 Silica 30

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