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My Homeopath

Kristiane Backer, MLCH, MARH

Kristiane Backer

Kristiane Backer has been practising as a homeopath for three years in several clinics in central London. She is registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. Since October 2003 she can also be found at the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth. Kristiane has a sensitive, caring approach to her patients while being professional and thorough. She is dedicated, always keeping the best interest of her patient at heart.

In September 2003 Kristiane founded energy-for-health, one of the first online homeopathic clinics in Europe. The clinic offers personal consultations in London and caters to those who are too busy or too far away to see us. At energy-for-health treats patients holistically with homeopathy and flower essences, looking at the patient as a whole, including mental emotional and physical conditions.

Before, Kristiane had been working as a presenter and journalist for various TV and radio stations. She left the field of entertainment in order to devote herself fully to the healing arts and sciences. She now regularly writes articles on health issues for the British and German press and comments on TV or radio. Recent publications include Time Out, the Daily Express, Compass and Red magazine, BBC Radio The Sadie Nine Show, LBC Jules Eden show, Sky News, ARD TV and NTV.

Since May 2004 Kristiane has been presenting natural health and wellness tips every Wednesday at around 12:40 CET in the lunch time magazine programme Punkt 12 on Germany's largest TV station, RTL. Find out what you can do when you are stressed, suffer from anxiety, constant coughs and colds, hay fever, headaches, low energy, insomnia etc.

How Kristiane discovered homeopathy

From an early age Kristiane had an interest in medicine, nutrition and natural health. She nearly studied medicine after her A-levels, but went into journalism instead. While a TV presenter she took classes in nutrition and macrobiotic cooking. In 1998 she began studying natural medicine at the University of Westminster and Neal's Yard learning about homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Qi Gong, aromatherapy, etc.

This included weekend excursions in the countryside making flower remedies and studying healing herbs, except her hay fever spoiled the joy as always. Kristiane had suffered from severe, chronic hay fever for 26 years. In summer she had to take one or two anti-histamines daily from March to September, otherwise she would sneeze non-stop and have to blow her nose constantly. No orthodox or complementary medicine she tried could cure the problem. Finally it was suggested to her to see a homeopath for treatment. Sceptical at first, to Kristiane's great surprise the treatment healed her hay fever.

She can now enjoy summertime in the countryside with everything in full bloom without any ill effects and has never needed anti-histamines again. This personal healing success convinced Kristiane of the enormous healing potential of homeopathy.

Inspired, she decided to take her studies further than just a hobby, and she continued to study with the Lakeland College of Homeopathy for three years, specialising in homeopathy and flower essences. Kristiane is registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

Kristiane Backer with homeopathic remedy

She keeps up to date with the latest developments in natural medicine, homeopathy in particular, attending seminars and lectures, including recently Rajan Sankaran, Robin Murphy and Peter Crocket. She has built an extensive network of fellow practitioners to exchange information with.

In 2002 Kristiane worked at the largest GP practice in Hamburg alongside the conventional doctors. This rewarding experience strengthened Kristiane's belief in integrated medicine, offering patients the best of both worlds, orthodox as well as complementary medicine.

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