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Sadie Nine: BBC Radio London 94.9FM

2nd December 2003

Homeopathy phone-in with Kristiane Backer

Listen to excerpts or the whole phone-in. The files are in MP3 format at FM radio quality.

Water wonders explain why homeopathy works

Ode magazine
an international newsmagazine on people and ideas that are changing the world

Water has a memory, according to Masaru Emoto. He discovered this after years of investigation to make the structure of water visible. His spectacular photographs demonstrate how water changes with its environment. It seems everything has an effect on water: not only chemical substances and other pollutants, but also sounds, words and even thoughts.

Clean water, but fewer shrimp

Beautiful crystals were formed by water that for one hour was under the care of the Japanese priest Kato Hoki, head priest at the Jyohouin Temple in the city of Omiya. If just one priest can make this possible, Emoto wondered what would happen if a couple hundred people participated in a purification ritual. The experiment took place at a heavily polluted lake. Remarkable changes in the quality of the lake's water were reported in the local press. The algae growth declined and the water grew cleaner. An usual stench also subsided. But... fewer shrimp were caught, making some people unhappy. The following summer everything was as it had been; the pollution and the stench were back. And so were the shrimp.

Masaru Emoto's interest in water developed while he was studying biochemistry at the University of California at Berkeley. There he met Lee Lorenzen, an authority on water clusters who had proven that water was capable of storing information. Water has the natural characteristic of forming clusters, or clumping together into groups of water atoms. This happens, for example, when it is stimulated, electrically, magnetically, by a laser beam, among other ways. Lorenzen showed that a certain stimulus always creates the same cluster patterns. His experiments were not only repeatable but also accurately quantifiable.

Emoto went further and literally demonstrated that water reacts and can be influenced by the environment. He froze water at five degrees below zero Celsius, cold enough to form ice crystals. Using a microscope magnifying objects 200 to 500 times their size, these crystals could be photographed. Crystals are fixed substances, in which the atoms and molecules are connected through orderly lattice-like structures. These structures demonstrate, in a way that is visible to the naked eye, the processes that take place at an atomic level. Emoto discovered that water crystals have a tendency to crystallise in a methodical fashion into a certain structure. The result of these chemical and energetic changes becomes visible in frozen water.

hexagonal crystal

Emoto researched all types of water, and together with his colleagues, took 10,000 photographs. He discovered that clean water from mountain streams formed hexagonal crystals, while polluted water generally formed no crystals at all. Rainwater from cities around the world showed chaotic patterns, which he said indicated 'non-methodical' information.

However, snow crystals from the polar regions showed very pure crystal images. According to Emoto, water acts as a kind of liquid tape recorder that registers and then reflects its environment. For example, frozen water from natural slate caves takes on a cave-like pattern. Water from the spring at Lourdes looks like a rosary. Water from areas where diamonds are mined shows diamond-like structures when crystallised. Water from a part of Japan where refined embroidery is made reflects the structure of fine embroidery.

Mozart's Symphony in G-minor

Emoto then made a spectacular discovery: water not only 'assimilates' its environment, but is also sensitive to sounds. Water appeared to 'listen'. Emoto had water samples 'listen' to various types of classical and non-classical music: Beethoven's Pastorale, Mozart's Symphony in G-minor, Bach's Air in G and Goldberg Variations, Chopin's Etude in C-major, a Tibetan sutra, Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel, a Celtic folksong, a Korean folksong and a hard rock track.

Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1943. After studying international relations, he received a degree in alternative medicine and began conducting research in the United States into the secrets of water. His first experiments used the Magnetic Resonance Analyser, and he later switched to photography. Emoto has written several books, including Messages from Water. He currently heads the International Hado Fellowship and lectures around the world about his water studies. See also:

The next experiment involved language. Emoto and his team affixed stickers with printed words and sayings onto bottles of distilled water, which they let sit for 24 hours. They started out with Japanese words, then later added English and German. The team discovered that while all three languages corresponded astonishingly well, the words in each language showed remarkable differences. Emoto explains: 'You can only understand this if you think in terms of vibration; if you don't see words as people's inventions, but as living phenomena. I think sounds point to vibrations in nature. That's how words came into being. Words evolved from vibrations in nature.'

Love and hate gratitude

Could this be the reason that Sufi masters wrote healing maxims from the Koran on parchment, which were then washed away with water in order to give that water to their patients to drink? Emoto conducted thorough tests. His staff did not know what type of water they were photographing and he repeated the experiment many times. Again and again the tests came up with the same results: water 'listens' to words, emotions, thoughts and assimilates the vibrations of letters. Love and hate, gratitude and concepts such as 'soul', 'angel' and 'devil' are reflected in the shape of the water crystals. The same word written in various languages showed nearly identical crystal images.


Meanwhile, Emoto and his colleagues carried on with their experiments. Water placed in front of a television shows primarily confused patterns, particularly during political debates. Water to which essential oil from a flower was added using electromagnetic vibrations shows the pattern of that particular flower. Water also appeared to be receptive to the power of thought through meditation, prayer and healing energy transmitted from a great distance.

If water can indeed be influenced by thoughts, the importance of praying before we eat food - which, just as our bodies, consists mainly of water - becomes clear. It also explains why homeopathy works. Up until now, scientists have been unable to clarify why a substance works when not a single molecule of that substance is present in the solution. But when you see water as a fluid tape recorder, that substance doesn't have to be present because the 'imprint' is enough to have an effect. Hence the title of Emoto's book: Messages from Water.

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Fever pitch

Time Out, London - August 6-13 2003

Why homeopathy is not to be sneezed at.

Time Out, London - August 6-13 2003Time Out, London - August 6-13 2003

This is the worst time of the year for hay fever. If you're not already a sufferer, you soon could be: one in three people in the UK are expected to develop an allergy at some time in their lives. Why? Various factors, including pollution, early weaning from breast milk and over-cleanliness, are blamed.

The provision of NHS allergy services has not kept pace with the problem. Hay fever is often dismissed as an inconsequential condition, but tell that to someone who is violently sneezing sometimes to exhaustion - and afflicted by itchy, watery and red eyes. a runny nose, swollen throat, headache and an asthma-like cough.

I remember all this only too well, having had hay fever since childhood. Dark glasses outdoors were a must. along with pocketloads of tissues. I could never get through a summer's day without taking at least one antihistamine tablet. Sadly, the hay fever was always just as strong the next day.

Conventional medications suppress the symptoms of hay fever but they don't actually heal the allergies. When I was 11, my parents sent me to be 'desensitised' - which meant that I was injected with the pollen and animal hairs I was allergic to, once a week in the winter for three years. After every session I had to wait in the doctor's practice to make sure I didn't collapse from an immune shock. The shots would give slight relief but a year later the hay fever was just as severe because one can become allergic to new types of pollen and substances all the time.

I thought I was stuck with this debilitating allergy for ever. But then a kind of miracle happened. After spending nine years as a programme host and interviewer on MTV Europe and NBC, I needed a break. I decided to follow my heart and study natural medicine. I signed up with Neal's Yard and the University of Westminster for a one year foundation course. This included weekends in the countryside making flower remedies and learning about healing herbs - except my hay fever ruined the experience. Then someone suggested I see a homeopath.

I was sceptical, but after an hour's consultation I was prescribed a few 'globuli' (small pellets) one month and different ones the next. To my astonishment, my hay fever that season was hardly noticeable. On bad days, I could get by with just one homeopathic treatment called Hay fever 30, which contains a mixture of pollen and specific hay fever remedies, plus a herbal tea. For the first time in 25 years I didn't need chemical tablets. Now, I don't even take the herbal tea any more. However, Td recommend this Hay Fever Blend tea from Neal's Yard - it contains elderflower, eyebright, nettle, chamomile and peppermint - as well as Hay fever 30 for anyone an acute situation.

Thus inspired, I decided to turn an enthusiasm into a career. I am now a qualified and registered homeopath with a practice in Chelsea.

Homeopathy is a natural, non-invasive system. Its central tenet is the treatment of 'like with like', using highly diluted substances designed to stimulate the body's natural defences. This is achieved by treating a sick person with a remedy that, if given to someone who is healthy. would trigger the same symptoms. Although homeopathy has come in for criticism from the medical profession, which struggles to accept that the heavily diluted liquids used can work when they are unlikely to contain even a single molecule of the original medicine, it has been an integral part of the NHS since 1948.

I would like to see the NHS promoting homeopathy as a treatment for allergies, since it has proven benefits. 'Apis', a bee-based remedy, is excellent for sudden swelling such as that seen in an allergic shock reaction to peanuts, for example. It takes about three years to heal a deep-seated allergy completely using homeopathy but, as I can vouch myself, it's worth it.

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How to fly through the menopause naturally!

HRT is having a lot of bad press recently. Headlines like 'HRT causes breast cancer in 2000 women a year' or 'HRT doubles the rate of breast cancer' are front page news in every paper in the UK and Europe. Drs are urged to prescribe the 'youth prolonging life style drug' with much more precaution now than they used to.

In the West the menopause is classified as a medical problem whereas in fact it is a completely normal process and meant to be.

Menopause means the cessation of menses - the term comes from the Greek meno (month, menses) and pauses (pause). This change in the life of a woman can last between six and thirteen years, known as the climacteric. It can be an exciting time for a woman because she comes into her power.

She feels a need for expression and changes in her life... often she experiences a surge of energy and if it is channelled properly she lives out her innermost values in everyday activities, becomes truer to herself than ever before and is much less ready to play game and make excuses for others.

We don't give space to let this transition process happen naturally, instead we suppress unpleasant symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, low energy etc. with artificial HRT to stay forever - young, wrinkle free, hard working, super fit, and sexy. But we are learning now, the price we pay seems to outweigh the benefits.

Traditionally the menopause was a kind of rite of passage. The wise woman full of life experience and insight was a great asset to the community.

In some native cultures, a woman could only become a shaman when she was past her menopause. In Asian countries women don't even notice any unpleasant symptoms due to a diet high in natural phyto-oestrogens like Tofu and a more traditional life style.

There are wonderful natural ways to deal with any meno pausal problems, no need to suffer without HRT!!!

To make the most of the menopause naturally and fly through it, think of it as a process during which you will be creating the healthy mind, body and soul you need to last till the end of your life. Key homeopathic remedies include: Sepia or try Pulsatilla but there are others as well. Consult with your homeopath what is best for you!

Woman's essence from the Australian Bush Flower range is a wonderful balancer also. Your practitioner can tailor the essences even more precisely to your condition.

Herbs that are particularly useful: Cimicifuga or Black Coshosh, Agnus Castus- Wild Yam, Sage and Dang Gui and eat lots of tofu.

Rose attar essential oil increases feminity and libido, add a few drops to your own lotion or bath water.

  • Optimise your diet, foods rich in phyto-oestrogens such as Tofu, soya beans, flaxseed, chick peas, green beans, pinto beans lentils, wholegrains, and sprouted seeds are all good. Vitamins and Minerals to consider: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins B6, C, D, and E, Phosphorus, and essential fatty acids.
  • Get enough sleep: at least 6- 8 hours.
  • Allow yourself to accept nurturing and affection.
  • Prioritise - make a list of what is important for you in life, let everything else go.
  • Daily breast massage improves any menopausal symptoms, 2 minutes each breast in circular movements ask your homeopath.
  • Use this time as a rite of passage to empower yourself and really become you.

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