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First Aid

First Aid

Prompt homeopathic treatment in the earliest stages of illness and accidents will often avert prolonged suffering and serious disability. Homeopathic treatment of an established disease will speed up recovery and shorten convalescence. In both these respects homeopathy has proved of great value.

Emergency aid is often called for in cases of illness or accidents at home, school, work, play or travel. Long experience has proved the value of certain remedies for all kinds of accidents for the purpose of countering shock, alleviating pain, arresting bleeding, preventing infection and speeding up recovery.


The remedy of first importance in all types of injury is ARNICA, especially in the presence of shock caused by severe damage to tissues or by the emotional upset of an accident. One or two doses of ARNICA 200c spaced 15 minutes to half an hour apart, should always be given. Further measures are best considered in connection with the various types of accidents that may occur.

Protection and cure cannot be guaranteed by the methods advocated here. But the common experience is, people who use homeopathy stay healthier and recover more quickly from accidents and injuries.

You are responsible for your choice of health care. When you are sick you may need good sound medical help and use the best support available. There are homeopaths in over fifty countries.

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Most people respond similarly to injuries from strong external sources, a black eye for example. So here it is possible to prescribe specific remedies according to the homeopathic principle, like cures like.

In illnesses from emotional and internal causes, the remedy must be based on the personal response, individualised to the way the patient suffers, emotional responses are of prime importance and overrule any physical symptoms.

Rescue Remedy

Don't overlook obvious emotions, especially grief. If you aren't sure whether it is a 'bug' or emotional, assume emotional first. 'Bugs' are usually caught from someone, or something and this fact can be obvious.

Here are effective treatments for some selected, common problems requiring urgent attention.

BACH RESCUE REMEDY is useful in most emergencies use internally and externally

Bandages, etc
are ignored here, but need consideration.
Black eye
Broken bones
Some need splints and plasters, others like collarbones, hand and feet bones may just need rest, or a sling. BRYONIA for pain of a break /fracture if it is much worse from any motion. SYMPHYTUM 3x or tea (comfrey) speeds up recovery from broken bones.
URTICA URENS (stinging nettles) works well externally, with drops soaked into sterile gauze, or ointment, use CANTHARIS or CAUSTICUM internally for the pains. The same for sunburn.
Coccyx injury
Cuts and grazes
Clean with CALENDULA, HYPERICUM tincture and when clean, cover with CALENDULA cream then a protective bandage.
Mosquito bites
LEDUM helps internally, PYRETHRUM spray is preventative and curative. PYRETHRUM spray and combinations of it and other remedies are available from homeopathic chemists, they include ECHINACEA, WITCH HAZEL.
Nerve injuries
To nerve rich parts, finger tips, lips, etc HYPERICUM.
Take ARNICA before and for a few days after. It halves the recovery time, speeding the repairs. CALENDULA promotes healing and speeds up the recovery time.
Painful wounds, Stab wounds
Physical injury
To any part including shock, bruising, concussion, etc ARNICA.
Pulled Muscle
Punctured wounds
LEDUM especially soles of feet and palms of hand from objects, a nail or sharp knife. HYPERICUM helps to prevent tetanus, in conjunction with LEDUM.
Septic wounds
PYROGEN will cure most septic conditions and bring them back to the normal range, including cat scratches, septic ill cleaned wounds that smell and fester, gangrene, etc. SECALE is the alternative, especially for gangrene.
Slow Healing
Of wounds, bites, etc SULPHUR, SILICA, or CARBO VEG.
LEDUM, and APIS are good. APIS for large puffy pink swellings looking like bee stings, and especially for bee stings, LEDUM where there is pain but not so much to be seen. CANTHARIS where it blisters.
From standing on spiny fish, wood, thorns, etc. SILICA will eject. If in the soles you have to lie down to let them out, look at them after sleep BEFORE you get up.

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How to take homeopathic remedies

Shake the remedy from the bottle into the lidShake the remedy from the bottle into the lid

Shake the remedy from the bottle into the lid. Place it under the tongue. Make sure your mouth is clean. Do NOT swallow it. Leave it in your mouth for two minutes then swallow. Don't eat, drink, smoke or brush your teeth for five minutes before or after taking the remedies. Avoid coffee, camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and other strong smelling substances as these can interfere with your remedies.

Only one remedy should be given at a time, and only a limited number of doses, enough to bring about relief, then stop taking the remedy only repeat when symptoms return. The doses must be adequately spaced, the frequency of successive doses being in direct relation to the urgency of the situation.

Touch the remedies as little as possible. You can touch your remedy (and your child's if necessary), not anyone else's, which could render it ineffective. If the remedy has come into contact with another substance or has spilt on the floor it may not work any more.

Tell children NOT to eat, suck, swallow or do anything to it. It may not work but it is worth a try, as is deliberate distraction immediately on giving it.

DON'T drink coffee, use peppermint, camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, at the same time as taking homeopathy. Ideally avoid these things for months after.

For babies and animals, crush the pill between two spoons and put the powder in the mouth, or dilute the pill in a dropper bottle and squirt the liquid into the mouth.

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Homeopathic remedies in liquid form

Dropper bottleDropper bottle

A very effective way of taking the remedies is in water. Get a 30 ml dropper bottle (Neal's Yard) and place about 3 pellets inside, fill it up with bottled spring water, add some brandy to preserve and take about 5 drops three times a day in half a glass of water. But the trick is to bang it first five times. Potentise it this way every time you take the remedy. It is also useful to get more mileage out of the tablets.

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How to take Flower essences

Put seven drops in ½ glass of water and swallow, make sure your mouth is clean and don't eat or drink five minutes before or after. Take seven drops in the morning and seven drops in the evening unless indicated differently. Reduce the dose if necessary if you feel discomfort, or if your symptoms return after going away, in emergency situations you can take an extra dose.

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Knowing the remedy has worked

  • The patient may say within minutes or even in seconds as the remedy touches there lips' "I feel better", this is a sure sign, wait and see.
  • Going into a good sleep is a good sign.
  • Feeling their old self again is an excellent sign.
  • A short worsening followed by a definite improvement is a good sign in serious illness. In a serious acute illness this return of old symptoms won't happen.
  • Return of appetite is a good sign. (Sick people should drink but NOT eat, and don't encourage it until recovery is established, it will otherwise delay cure). Allow fruit if hungry.
  • Symptoms shifting from vital internal sites to more external ones is good too, and from fears and shock to weeping and anger likewise.
  • TLC or tender loving care is ALWAYS helpful.

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Repetition of remedy

  • With dramatic acute symptoms you can repeat very frequently, even after 5 minutes. The best guide-line is, after giving a remedy, it works and when the symptoms return, then repeat. Put simply, repeat as the symptoms return.
  • With less severe symptoms repeat 4 hourly as a guide.
  • Give one pill at a time, more is unnecessary.
  • If a remedy works dramatically don't repeat. Wait for the symptoms to return.
  • In the beginning repeat frequently until it starts to work.
  • If a new set of symptoms occur and these are not the same as the last remedy picture then you need to change the remedy.
  • After an acute a few excess doses don't matter. And to stop too soon may allow a relapse.
  • Another fault is to forget what worked before so keep a list of your prescriptions and results.

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